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    Campus Management System (CMS)
    Education ERP Solutions

    Automates all educational processes from Admissions to Degree issuing . . . .

    About CMS

    About CMS

    Current CMS system automates all of the key campus management processes and automates all major university processes under one umbrella. It provides pure web based solution (‘any time any where 24/7’) access for administrative, transactional and academic processes needed to enable a collaborative campus.

    This CMS System has been developed in 12c Database and Oracle Apex as a front end tool and has been tested in different universities for the last ten (10) years. We have gone through multiple experiments and for any new clients this software provides all those experiences and results that are already adopted by different universities and the new client are in better position to take certain decisions when implementing it.

    The software works in any academic system including Semester, Term and Annual base system. It implements the state of the art security features like Virtual Database implementation for multiple campus and Data Hiding techniques for multiple programs.

    Management of multiple campuses, diverse student populations with less staff, less money, and yesterday’s technology. Campus Management enables Universities to manage growth, improve services, and stay competitive easily and affordably. This will centralize and automates manually intensive processes, enabling information to flow freely and securely among campuses and departments.

    Students can apply and register for multiple programs in one online session without going through separate admissions, registrations, and financial aid applications. Evaluation and planning can be simplified across many institutes, departments, and programs. Services to faculty, alumni, and other key constituents can be enhanced while administrators and business officers have greater transparency for enacting policies. As a result, institutions can meet and surpass rising expectations for services, academic performance, and administrative excellence.