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    Campus Management System (CMS)
    Education ERP Solutions

    Automates all educational processes from Admissions to Degree issuing . . . .

    Activity Logs

    User Activity Log

    We record every activity you perform in CMS

    Every user when login to CMS perform different activities, any activity like vising pages,view or edit student profile, view or edit employee profile, add or delete records, view and edit information, print and download reports etc. are permanently record in user activity logs.

    We also record when and from where (IP address) user login, how many time he/she connected with DB is recorded automatically.
    Audit trail is one of the strong process of this CMS to view logs any time if some action need to verify.

    Any CMS user must be very clear and in no doubt that the activity he/she is going to perform is legal like late course registration, equivalency course registration, change timetable, offer some courses etc. Anyone in doubt about whether a given activity constitutes fair use of a CMS work should consult an attorney. It may be faster and simpler to request permission from high authorities before executing that authority using your rights in CMS.