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    Campus Management System (CMS)
    Education ERP Solutions

    Automates all educational processes from Admissions to Degree issuing . . . .

    How To login

    How To Login

    To login into CMS you needs three credentials
    1) Username
    2) Password
    3) Login code
    Every day you login to CMS you needs a new code valid for that particular day only.
    New code daily ensure your identity to login securely and eliminate any excuse that your login account hacked or known to someone else.
    Any activity occurs in CMS using your account guarantees that it is you.

    How to get login code
    You need three steps to get login code
    1) Enter your valid username assigned to you.
    2) Enter your valid password.
    3) Click on the Get login code icon to send you a login code on your email & Cell No.

    Note: Please contact the CMS Administration if you have any problem related to CMS login